Posted by: jessicaandmatt | December 17, 2008

Holiday Update

Hello Friends and Family!!!


We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and that 2009 is a great year!! We are planning to take a trip up the 101 along the California coast this holiday break and will share pictures of the trip.


To get into the holiday spirit, we went on our annual holiday San Francisco visit last weekend and attended the Nutcracker ballet in the historic opera house.



With mom Kirkendall in the hospital, our perfect home search, and our busy careers wrapping up end of year projects, we have been really busy since the wedding. We promise to get the wedding pictures up on the website soon (this week)!!


Here is a little update for those of you that have not heard about mom Kirkendall (Joyce). On the morning after the wedding ( 9/21/2008 ) she became ill and was taken to the hospital here in San Diego. She was having a lot abdominal discomfort and the doctors believe that some large gall stones may have caused her to form a condition called “pancreatitus”. In late September, she went into emergency surgery to have her gall bladder and appendix removed as well as exploring her abdominal area for other issues. 


The pancreas began to heal shortly after the surgery. However, somewhere during the long hospital stay, she got a hole in her colon. She has been battling with this for a couple of months now and has not had any food or water by mouth during this time. She is still in the hospital here in San Diego and is currently in the process of gaining strength for another possible surgery in which she will have the hole in her colon removed/corrected. 


Please keep her in your prayers this holiday season.

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