Posted by: jessicaandmatt | February 1, 2009

The Sun Will Shine Again in Ohio

It was a bittersweet, sentimental day for us yesterday as we were able to put our beloved Joyce on the airplane to travel back to the little town of Mansfield, where she has always lived. We will really miss her, but we were so, so happy that she can finally be outside of the hospital and return home, where she will be more comfortable for her recovery and where all of her friends can visit her.

We are also so happy that Dad Kirkendall will be somewhat able to return to his routine and career. He has endured this situation so well and been by Joyce’s side through it all. We will really miss having him around our place, eating dinner with him each night, not missing one night of dessert time, and his help with dishes and cleaning. These simple daily things will be some of our cherished memories of time spent with him.  

Thank you to all of the people who sent greetings and wishes to Joyce. The man mail in Mansfield and at the hospital will be happy to go on breaks now. Matt’s car could also probably use a break from the 127 mile trek that was travelled most evenings to the hospital, adding 50 more miles onto his long commute.  

A special thanks to her dear friends Connie, Laraine, and Karen DeMoss who have made the trip all of the way to California to help her dance again (literally!!) and made daily phone calls. She is so excited to see you again and that you will be with her at home to assist her over the next few months.

She will still have quite a recovery road ahead of her since she still has the feeding tube, still has several wounds that are healing, and also will have to undergo another surgery to reverse the ileostomy, but at least she is getting stronger, feeling better most days, and there is renewed hope for better days ahead.

Today we are wondering if Joyce just really needed to get back home in time for the Super Bowl XLIII!! Her love of sports and her fantasy football participation got her through many long months in the hospital.


  1. It’s so cool to see Joyce and Matt looking so good and happy,, Best wishes from all of us in Montana..

  2. Your house is beautiful and just the right size for Joyce, Larain, and Connie to visit. Oh yes, Bob can come too! So happy for you two. It looks beautiful. Again I send my thanks for your hospitality during my visit with Joyce. Be happy and continue to love one another!

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