Wedding Pictures

A Walk Through Our Wedding Day



Jessica’s Collage of Favorite Wedding Memories (September 2008):

* Planning – Great teamwork, interviews and analyzing, analyzing many San Diego vendors, taste testing and working to incorporate our favorite foods, Matt’s perfected spreadsheets, late nights on our laptops, Matt’s mom flying across the country to attend my bachelorette party and giving us tips and her ideas throughout the planning process, Najla, Kim, Amelia, Ben, Papa Brown, Alex, Chase, and Maggie finishing up all of the many special crafts for the wedding day.

* Anticipation – How grown up, supportive, smart, and beautiful little sis Amelia is now; Kate, Zach, and Chase trying to figure out if they would be cousins now; sis Maggie helping to sew my dress; how nice and pretty my niece Alex is; my two brothers running around town together to get my rings cleaned and polished; getting to see Cheryl!! and little precious niece Anastacia; how sweet and handsome Chase is; cute, self proclaimed Kirkendall flower girl Katelyn; how handsome Matt’s nephew Zach is with his suit on and nice big smile; dear friend Najla coming over to help me dress.

* Marriage Ceremony – Happy, happy, lucky me!! my two brothers helping me down the long hill aisle and littlest bro holding my hand made me feel stronger; how handsome, sentimental, and loving my new husband is; Papa Brown crying happy tears; butterflies and nature all around; bold and unique, amazing flowers; intimate gathering; I get to be a Kirkendall family!!! outdoors; band playing Canon in D; peaceful, ocean views, blue skies.

* Celebration – All of our favorite things; amazing flowers, shells, candlelight, elegant setting; Montana made huckleberry jams for each guest; most all of our favorite, happy people; honoring mom and dad Kirkendall’s 40 years of marriage; each table carefully named as a collection of our favorite places traveled; first dance to “Everything” by Michael Buble; Hawaiian and fire dancers; Matt dancing with his first favorite lady – his fun and dear mom; Jessica’s Family Dance rocked the full dance floor!! – hilarious; how happy Matt’s brother Mark was with his big smile, saying how great the wedding day was; how adorably cute all of the niece and nephews were; nephews Zach and Chase unexpectedly doing the worm in the middle of the dance circle – taking after Uncle Matt; singing and dancing to O.A.R. with all of our friends in a big huddle circle.

All of the busy planning was so worth it – our vision for a unique, intimate, memorable, fun, beautiful wedding day came to life before our eyes that day, even better than we had ever imagined!!! What a wonderful day it was. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it and all of the lovely wishes. 

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